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Learn how to crowd fund and get funded fast! This is crowdfunding with a twist!

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New Crowdfunding Success from Product Sales through very profitable Penny Auctions

CrowdFundFast (CFF) is a crowd funding and penny auction combo that is Brand NEW with nothing else quite like it… Learn how to make money with Crowdfunding! Enjoy this Crowdfundfast Review!

Launching first of September

National TV Advertising COMING SOON!!!! This assures MUCH exposure to YOUR Project! CFF is Worldwide and ships to over 200 countries!

Latest Crowdfundfast Updates:

CrowdFundFast is the ONLY company in the entire world that has an integrated Crowdfunding platform, Penny Auction, Social Network and Daily Funding Pool giving you the opportunity to earn and get your projects funded 5 different ways!

The basic change is in how the packages are presented so that there is no doubt that CFF is 100% driven by product sales. This is the Best Crowdfunding Platform and Site EVER created showing you exactly how to crowdfund and receive your funding fast!

Let’s completely review Crowdfundfast

To get your new Crowdfunding Project attached to a Product and placed into the Penny Auctions you will need to purchase one of the Custom Photographic Prints in the CFF Store.

Once a Custom Print is purchased you will be given a certain amount of Products that will be sold for you in the Penny Auctions. This is to make it clear that CrowdFundFast is a strictly a Product Based Company.

We are no longer referring to the sharing of CFF daily profits as a “daily fund pool” yet the concept remains the same. There is also no longer a time limit or dollar threshold for your product to remain active. Your product stays active until it sells. Great News!

A $275 product purchase (a Custom Photographic Print) for example, will give you 8 products that are attached to your CrowdFundFast Project and sold in the Penny Auctions. These will stay Active regardless of how long it takes to sell them.

Your project also receives 40% of the Company daily profits from all product sales in the Auctions as long as you are an Active Member by having a product live on the auction. The very best CrowdFunding Site!

This 40% of Daily Profits is shared between all active members and could be massive depending on sales! Ever seen this in a crowd fund platform? Not likely! Now this is how to crowdfund!

Getting Started with Crowdfunding. CrowdFundFast “Step by Step Instructions”

You will need to join a few different websites to complete the signup process. This will soon be setup to do it all through One Site but for now this is how it’s done.

Please make sure your Username (6 or more digits only) and Email address are the same for each website. It makes it easier for you if your password is the same too.

  1. Join CFF HERE. Make sure TeamJoJo is listed as your Sponsor. You will always be able to login later to fully complete the info here in your back office.
  2. Purchase a Product Package by selecting one of the custom Photographic Prints HERE  corresponding to the price you want to spend.
  • $275 Custom Print on canvas gives you 8 products that sell in the Penny Auctions
  • $650 Custom Print on canvas gives you 20 products that sell in the Auctions
  • $1000 Custom Print on canvas gives you 34 products that sell in the Auctions
  • $2500 Custom Print on canvas gives you 88 products that sell in the Auctions
  • $5000 Custom Print on canvas gives you 180 products that sell in the Auctions
  • $10,000 Custom Print on canvas gives you 380 products that sell in the Auctions

One product at a time is automatically placed for you in the Auction. Once it sells your next product is placed for you etc, until all products have been sold. You will then need to purchase another Custom Print to get another Bid Package.

Once you get your Order # which starts with “CFF” log back into your back office and place this number in the NOTES Section.

3. Register at CrowdFundFast and create your Project. Here’s a video showing How to Create your CrowdFunding Project

4. Register at Qkabid – the Auction Site (and get free Bids too). This is where your Products attached to your Project will be placed.

(You will only have one product live at a time, and the next one will be automatically put up for sale in the Auction as soon as the previous one is sold.)

As far as our Pre-Launch Bonus… instead of a double amount of time, the bonus we’ll get is additional amount of products (exact amount yet to be determined)

These Updated changes make CFF even stronger on the legal front than before, while also giving us more benefits and earning potential.


Penny Auctions are VERY Profitable and these profits go to fund your CrowdFunding Projects which assures you crowdfunding success.

Crowdfunding Success!

The First CrowdFunding Network to Offer a sharing of Daily Profits from Product Sales generated from the Penny Auctions! All active members share 40% of daily profits!!!

So not only will your Project get funded but Members will share in Daily Profits from the Auctions!

Now EVERY participating crowdfunding project WILL see success and MORE!

This is the ONLY Social Network with a PATENT PENDING – Crowd Funding Platform attached to a Penny Auction- Now EVERYONE can run a crowd funding campaign successfully!


With traditional Crowdfunding you are lucky to have someone donate to your project even once. But with CrowdFundFast people come again and again since they are bidding on amazing products for extremely huge discounts… therefore your project gets multiple “donations”!

Unlike the other not very successful Crowdfunding Sites where 80% of projects never get funded, you will not need to rely on soliciting family and friends to fund your project here…. your CrowdFundFast project is funded by product sales from very profitable Penny Auctions!

This is how to make money with crowdfunding from the very best crowdfunding platform ever;)

Crowdfundfast’s Unique Features Help You Get Your Projects Funded Without Having To Ask For Donations!

Crowdfunding is growing faster than anyone imagined and has opened up a new world for project, non-profits and small businesses.  Crowdfundfast has created a simple solution to the traditional crowdfunding model.

This is the new crowdfunding. Rather than asking for donations from your family and network of friends; Now you can raise funds through product sales using the crowdfundfast e-commerce and penny auction.

Own a Home-Based Business with Little Risk and Unlimited Potential for Wealth

Crowdfundfast (CFF) is structured as a company helping you raise funds for any project that you can dream of through product sales from our Penny Auctions. This structure is designed to let you be the marketing and sales force selling our products and raising funds for yourself through our product sales.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars in standard advertising methods, we pay you to share Crowdfundfast Products with others. Our project funding platform offers you many benefits that traditional crowdfunding platform businesses can’t match.

Get Your Crowdfunding Project Funded… fast

No more wasting time on crowdfunding platforms that only get your hopes up for success only to be part of the 80% or more that do not reach their funding goals.

You can create your project and share our penny auction with the world knowing your project is quickly getting funded. Start living the dream you want through promoting our Crowdfundfast products not only funding your own projects but earning commissions when others join under you.

Crowdfundfast puts you in charge of your own destiny. You’ll enjoy the freedom and flexibility of owning your own business and funding your projects through Crowdfundfast—not to mention excellent tax benefits.

Only a Tax Professional (at least in the US) can give you Tax Advice legally but you will be responsible for paying your own taxes. There are many Tax Write Offs and Benefits in having a home based business. Google “Sandy Botkin” for lots of excellent home business tax info.

The Penny Auctions Product Sales Fund Your Crowdfunding Project

When an Auction Product attached to your Project sells, the following happens:

  • 20% of the profits goes straight to the Project Owner (you). As you probably know, Penny Auctions are very profitable! You will get paid weekly too!
  • 1o% of the product profits go to Bonus Performance Funding paying Sponsors up 3 levels. Yes it pays to promote but promoting is not necessary to earn in CFF.
  • 40% of profits from all product sales from the auctions each day will fund all projects equally as long as your Package is active.
  • and finally 30% of Penny Auction profits go back to the Company ensuring a very long term business opportunity for us all;)

No funding cap

With Crowdfundfast, there is no cap on how much funding your project can receive. The harder you work, the more money you make. There are no limits. You will never see another Crowd Fund like it!

No employees to hire

By far, this is a clear advantage over traditional business. Crowdfundfast is a business of people independently working together. Without any employees, it’s possible to build a business right from home.

We are a network of independent business owners working together towards a common goal.


Crowdfundfast is a portable business. Your telephone and computer go with you where ever you want to do business whether you are on the road, on vacation, or visiting relatives in another city or even another country!

Earn Residual Income

Perhaps the greatest benefit, that our Crowdfundfast strategy offers, is a lasting income. You will always earn commissions on the Distributors you introduce to Crowdfundfast through their CFF Product Purchases (the Custom Photographic Prints), continually reaping the benefits from your hard work.

CrowdFundFast is designed for your success. Crowdfundfast is your crowdfunding Success! There’s little risk and unlimited potential. A passion for success is all you need to achieve a level of prosperity you never thought possible.

Is Crowdfundfast a Ponzi Scheme – Scam? NO WAY!!!

First thing to consider in regards to a ponzi scheme or pyramid scam is, “will the business still thrive without recruiting or bringing in new member funds?  Or will customers still buy the products if there wasn’t an affiliate commission attached to it as their incentive?”

If the answer is no, run away….

Crowdfundfast does NOT need new members money to thrive or survive! Crowdfundfast product sales are the reason this business thrives!

Therefore Crowdfundfast is NOT a ponzi scheme! Crowdfundfast is a Product Based Business!

Signup Today and get your crowdfunding project funded fast!

The CrowdFundFast Business Concept in Detail:

To assure your success in crowdfunding, this company has taken 2 Fundamental Opportunities and joined them together, Crowd Funding and Penny Auctions.

Many know that Penny Auctions are VERY LUCRATIVE and PROFITABLE and that Crowd Funding can be as well, but as it turns out it is usually slow and 80% unsuccessful in funding their projects.

Fortunately for us, those days are over!

You can now choose to Fund any Project you like, from  Paying off your Mortgage or Funding a Business Start Up of your own.

Your Crowd Funding Project can be for just about anything; a New Car, Pay off Loans, Tuition for your children’s education… Planning a wedding or honeymoon? How about a dream vacation? Touring $$$ for your band?….

Once you join CrowdFundFast, your Crowdfunding Project is then attached to products in our Penny Auction Website that are being bid for.

These Auctions are very popular because people can bid for many popular products like iPads, TVs, computers, vacations, cars, etc, and purchased for even a few Dollars, saving many times 70%- 90% off of Retail Value.

When the product attached to your Project sells (which can be very fast on a busy Penny Auction site- even in a few hours), 20% of the Profit made on that item is used to Fund your CrowdfundFast Project.

Some products could make a $10,000 profit with 40% of that ($4,000) distributed to your and other Projects.

How do Penny Auctions make so much money?

Every time someone bids for an Auctioned Product the Bid goes up 1 penny. But each Bid costs the bidder 50 cents. So each $1 made in the Auctions makes the Company $50! $1000 = $5000 to the Company etc,.

Ipad example profit

Join the best CrowdFunding with TeamJoJo Today and lets get your Project up and running fast!

As you can see in the above example, this can add up to an incredible profit for the Company even at selling you a product for 70-90% off retail value.

Lets say this Ipad is attached to your Project as one of your Products….

Ipad profit percentanges example

This is what your earnings will look like from this Ipad example: $340 goes to directly to you to fund YOUR project! $680 goes to daily profits for all Active Members to share!

Imagine many products each day being sold such as TV’s, Computers, IPADs, even Cars, Holidays etc,. This means it is highly likely your Project will get funded fairly quickly!

To have your Project attached to a Bid Item and benefit from all these Sales you must of course be an active Member and buy a Product Package like explained above. There will be Customers who only want to buy Bids and Bid for items without having a Crowd Fund Project which is fine too.

Obviously, when you attach to a Bid Item that sells you may not get your full project Funded so you will then be attached to your next product etc, until your project is Fully Funded.

Once you run out of the Products attached to your Crowdfunding Project you would then need to buy a New Custom Print through the CFF Store and repeat the process. Of course you can easily do this from your profits alone!

In addition you may want to refer some people (though not mandatory) and benefit from a 3 Level (UniLevel) Matrix of Commissions.

This is also a huge income opportunity as every team member you refer will also be a Project Funder and every time they buy a new Product you earn Commissions. How incredible is that? 3 Levels down. A residual on-going income!

In addition to all this, you get Bids to spend in our Penny Auctions giving you a chance to Win excellent products at a MAJOR Discount.

Ok so you bid and win a $1000 laptop for $27 but would rather sell it for a huge profit than to keep it?…. just use the Crowdfundfast Store and list it right there without the hassle of shipping etc. They have it all covered and ship it to a buyer for you!!! Just name the price:)

I saw one of those $500 GoPro Cameras sell for just $14… the winner could have it shipped to their house or turn around and list it instantly in the CrowdFundFast Store and sell it for a huge profit!

CrowdFundFast Purchases and How to Get Paid

There are a few ways to purchase your Products like a credit/debit card and a few Processors, but I highly recommend Bitcoin! Bitcoin has very low fees compared to anything else and it goes up in value pretty much all the time so you are always earning from this as well. Digital Currency is the future;)

If you are new to Bitcoin use this Invite to CoinBase below and get an extra $10 in your account:

You can connect your CoinBase Bitcoin Account directly to your bank account. This process does take a few days to get verified but then its always an easy transfer and a great way to send and receive money to anyone for VERY small fees.

CrowdFundFast is the Best Crowdfunding Site you will ever find!

To get paid from CrowdFundFast you can select a few different options in your back office. You can get paid by PayPal (but not accepted for purchasing your products), BitCoin, Bank Wire, Company Check etc,

Then send an email to and we will be more than happy to guide you through the signup process and get your project up and running!



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To your Crowdfunding Success, hope you enjoyed this review ;)

~Dave & Paulina


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