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Most of us see those on the top earning all the money and making all the rules while the rest of us are frustrated, struggling, and by default, making the rich richer.

WE can change that and grow rich together.

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I have been trying to make it with online marketing for quite some time.

I know that Network Marketing with the right company is a great way to make money!

I tried, but honestly, network marketing is just NOT for me. I hate selling or trying to convince people they need something. I know the majority of people feel the same way…

I originally followed Paulina, my beautiful wife, into ItWorks! She became my It Works Sponsor! To be honest we both struggled with this company as most of the affiliates do.

To really succeed with It Works you pretty much need to be a bullshitter… we are not!!

Unless you don’t mind messaging people for 20 hours a day with your face glued to your phone and watching the majority of your team struggling each month to keep rank or to make any money, all while the leaders tell you you’re not working hard enough…

Finally after a few months I decided to quit ItWorks and move on. Paulina quit soon after and then many of her team finally had enough and left too.

I wrote a blog about my favorite ItWorks products.

The Greens were my my favorite product even though their stuff is way overpriced which is necessary to be able to pay the people selling it.

It is said that people don’t join companies, they join People! So here’s My Story!

In anything you do, be sure to follow the Steps for Success!

Some people believe you should stay focused on promoting only one company, while others believe in multiple streams of income.

I believe we should not be limited to just one money stream and since this is changing lives all over America I MUST recommend… The Movement!

#themovement offers multiple income streams and puts an end to poverty!!!

We have been waiting on this for over a year…. the ASA Movement.

This will change millions of lives!!! Not a marketing program, MLM or anything you’ve ever seen. There is NOTHING like this anywhere!

Join our ASA Facebook group!

This will surely put an end to poverty and money worry!

ASA is the parent company to a project that I have been involved with for quite some time and soon to launch…. stay tuned ;)

Recently I tried a natural shampoo with promises of hair regrowth for men like me who were thinning up top. See my amazing results and stop balding here. Paulina and I love these products!

To your health and wealth,


Dave Jones

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