How to Make Money with It Works Review and Why I Quit

By | February 27, 2017

Let’s review how to make money with It Works, their compensation plan and their bonuses. The new 2017 Bonuses are huge but I had enough of the BS and had to quit.

Why It Works?

  1. ItWorks Products. The few products I actually tried did work. The ItWorks greens for example are high quality and receive tons of love from so many, globally. Their supplements on the other hand come in tablet or capsule form giving only a 10-25% absorption of nutrients. After researching and seeing the latest 90%+ absorption of nutrients using liposome technology I can no longer recommend old school tablets and capsules. Liposomes are the highest quality supplement delivery system available and the comparison doesn’t even come close!
  2. ItWorks Compensation Plan. The compensation plan with It Works is very generous and will continue because of their debt free status and the high cost of their products.
  3. It Works Bonuses. The bonuses are ridiculously hefty, especially in 2017! Again due to ItWorks being a debt free billion dollar company and the high cost of their products, they are able to, and do, provide their Distributors with extraordinary bonuses.

*The Bonuses*  the It Works bonuses are paid out over a 2 and a half year period and not in a lump sum. You also must maintain the current status that earned you the bonus each month or you will lose it. For me and most others, it is very difficult to keep the volume needed each month to maintain your rank to continue earning your bonus.

ItWorks is a good company but you will most likely need to refine your marketing skills elsewhere in learning how to make money… few actually do earn big with It Works. Most make no money or very little.

My blog Network Marketing Success shows the tips needed to succeed. These tips are unlike anything you’ve been taught.

To succeed at anything you must follow the steps for success. There is no way around this!

Why I quit It Works

Sadly, most It Works Distributors end up paying more for their monthly auto-ship than they actually make. Very few people make a living in ItWorks.

We are taught to “Work, Work, Work and if you are not making money, Work Harder!”

This was quite frustrating! I saw so many defeated faces in ItWorks, which was depressing. And these girls worked very hard!!!

The majority of ItWorks Sponsors are not very healthy at all! I saw so many sponsors constantly sick which is quite odd for a “health business” with awesome “health products” don’t you think?

Not good for promoting “health!”

With myself being a health nut who has only had the minor sniffles maybe twice in the last 10 years, this was a HUGE turn off to me!

If the products are so healthy why are the sponsors always sick? Are they even using the products and if not, why?

I also got tired of the fake people building fake relationships. Many top earners don’t give a damn about relationships… they “care” only if you signup with them.

And then once you do join them, they quickly forget about you unless they happen to have put you on a strategic leg of their ‘tree’.

They will then place volume and people under you, IF it benefits them in promoting to their next level. I saw lots of this going on!

Many leaders can afford to place needed volume anywhere they want to build their own promotion and they do…

If for example $10k is needed under someone on a leg that isn’t quite producing, these leaders who already make $20k/mo will simply buy $10k of product and place it under that person.

They are buying their promotion! The rest of us can’t do that!

I must say, I am not speaking for all Itworks leaders as I don’t know them all, and I still do like their Greens.

It Works is designed mostly for women even though many products work for men too. I like the Greens and even the New You, but the rest I can honestly do without.

I wish ItWorks had more pre and post workout supplements. Energy supplements would be a great addition too. I would love to see products for aging males thinking that would be a great seller.

ItWorks is doing quite well with an over saturation of distributors and members so there is no real need for them to improve… no motivation to offer more or better products.

It was hard for me to promote something that I wasn’t fully into. I have recently found Greens for example that are cheaper, all organic and very high quality with a few extra things in them that are very beneficial.

The only reason I joined ItWorks in the first place, was to support Paulina and not compete with her. We had to spend twice as much each month on product too for us to stay active.

Originally I was going to promote a new company, Vasayo with state of the art supplements using liposomes which assures 90%+ absorption rate of the nutrients. This is far above ANY supplements out there including It Works.

I had abandoned my gut in order to help Paulina which ended up being a disservice to us both because my heart wasn’t really into ItWorks. I was using “lip service” in my promoting which ate me up inside.

I then saw that it wasn’t wrong for us both to promote different health companies since the products are completely different.

It Works is a good company and has great products despite all the negative you find on the internet. Sure there is a lot of drama etc, but you will always find this in any MLM company.

Vasayo supplements are far better quality than anything Itworks offers. It Works supplements come in tablet and capsule form which only give a 10-25% absorption of nutrients.

Vasayo uses liposome technology providing a 90%+ absorption of nutrients!!! NO Comparison! I am not involved with Vasayo but do like the looks of their supplements.

Regardless of your path to health and wealth, please read my blog Network Marketing Success to really know what it takes to succeed in network marketing and the steps for success. Its not what you think!;)

If you are looking for a legit way to make money, and want nothing to do with online or network marketing you must see The ASA Movement!


It Works Best Product Review

I wrote a review on my favorite ItWorks Products. The Greens work! I love them and so does everyone I know that has tried them.

The ItWorks Greens for example, are one of the best green supplements I’ve tried. So many “green” products are processed with complete garbage and contain soy, GMOs, maltodextrin, guar gum and artificial flavor and colors.

ItWorks Greens do not have any of that stuff! They are totally natural, dissolve easily and completely, and are highly nutritious.

ItWorks Compensation Plan

It Works has many levels. When you become a DT for It Works (distributor) you will work your way up the ranks of Executive, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Double Diamond, Triple Diamond, Presidential Diamond, Ambassador Diamond and then Black Diamond.

You can skip ranks and there is no time frame in how long it takes. Everybody works different in this biz. Some get in and do nothing or very little and some work hard and fast. So results will vary.

It’s not easy to have success with It Works but if you put in the effort you can succeed beyond your wildest dreams. I’ve seen it, yet I must admit it is rare.

As an It Works DT you start by getting LC’s. An LC is a Loyal Customer. You become an LC by signing up for a 90 day challenge.

The ItWorks 90 day challenge gets you the product at the Distributors discount of 40% off retail.

During this 90 day challenge the loyal customer can also switch products to try other things that may work for them.

As a DT on the ItWorks team you can earn an incredible income from their highly admired compensation plan as shown below but chances are you will never make a living like the majority of DT’s.


The 2017 bonuses are mind boggling where you can for example, make $10k in just 3 months by becoming an It Works Diamond! Definitely not an easy task…

There is an incredibly high $$$ volume needed under your team every month to keep your rank or you will lose your bonus for good.

How to become an ItWorks Diamond

Here’s the 2017 It Works Bonuses Below.

Click the Images on this page for something REAL that IS Changing Lives for everyone.


As you can see you can achieve great success and make a lot of money with It Works! They are definitely a great company, but to do so you must read my network marketing success blog.

If you listen to certain leaders though you will work yourself into the grave with very little results! These leaders don’t mind though since you are keeping volume coming in for their own bonuses. 

Notice the 2 columns above. “Go” and “Go Fast”. The Go Bonus is 6 months for example to become an ItWorks Diamond and you will earn a $5000 bonus. But, become Diamond in 3 months and receive a $10,000 bonus!

From there, reach the next level in the month stated above and receive that Bonus in addition to the previous Bonus!! You can take advantage of every bonus shown above.

It Works Triple Diamond receives a $50k bonus and Presidential Diamond receives $100k if done in 6 and 8 months respectively. This is amazing!

*These bonuses from It Works are paid out over 2 and a half years and you must keep your rank monthly to keep bonuses active. This is understandable as to keep this company stable but I must stress it is difficult to keep rank.

Big bonuses, a generous compensation plan and then a great plan of action is how to succeed in network marketing.

Something I would suggest you do in your money making strategy is to place your spouse or significant other in your downline as an It Works DT and help build their team simultaneously but make sure you are both committed… I wasn’t.

This of course benefits you as well and just makes it easier to earn two income streams together.

It Works Monthly Income

With these bonuses of course comes a monthly income for each rank. This income each month will vary depending on purchases and activity from your downline.

To earn with It Works you will need to keep either a personal 80 BV (business volume) or a 150 GV (group volume from your customers) each month to qualify. To keep an 80 BV you will need to spend just over $100 or more monthly on yourself in products.

Of course you will want to try and use the products that you sell so it is highly recommended you do use them. This makes it easy to get your 80 BV if you can afford it.

You also need your personal ItWorks website which costs $20/mo. This is what you drive your customers and distributors to giving them more info on products and a place to join you.

Average Monthly Earnings for ItWorks Distributors:

  • Ruby: @ $600/mo
  • Emerald: @ $1200/mo
  • Diamond: @ $2000/mo
  • Double Diamond: @ $6000/mo
  • Triple Diamond: @ $10,000/mo
  • Presidential Diamond: @ $17,000/mo
  • Ambassador Diamond: @ $32,000/mo

Yes those are per month earnings for ItWorks Distributors!


Joining It Works

It costs $99 to join ItWorks. Your personal website for the first month is free. With this $99 you get a box of 4 wraps (the famous crazywraps), the defining gel, brochures etc, all included in your start up business kit.

You can sell the 4 crazy wraps for $25 each and instantly make back your start up cost! Or… have a wrap party with your friends and show them how great these work.

Women LOVE the crazy wraps!!! So you can get your first loyal customers right then.

Better yet, sign them up as distributors (your first DT’s) and start building your ItWorks business at your very first wrap party.

To really succeed read my blog network marketing success and be sure to follow the steps for success.

Finding the right Sponsor

Most people in network or online marketing falsely believe that following the most popular sponsor will make them the most money…

Do you think having hundreds of recruits in their downline will allow them the time and personal attention you need?

I found this out the hard way a few times in my earlier marketing years. False promises by the big guys happens all the time in the online marketing world unfortunately.

I had the big wig promoters promise me all the help I needed before I signed up but then once I joined and asked questions, I was told to Google it, or call customer service, when they did finally answer me.

They were worthless! They made generic videos on YouTube that they would direct their downline to but avoided our individual questions.

Paulina and I found that her sponsor was the same… cared only about recruiting mass amounts of people (the numbers game) and didn’t care at all about helping her personally.

Always blaming us that we weren’t working hard enough… but would never “show us how”.  Learn this skill here.

Never again!

We now join people that we like, and can relate to. We don’t care how much money they’ve made or how many people they’ve recruited!


If you still think Itworks is for you, before you join, I highly recommend you read my Network Marketing Success blog.

People join People, not programs, so here’s Our Story.

Hopefully this answered your Why It Works questions! Would love to hear from you and what you think are the best It Works products.

Maybe Network Marketing is just not your thing… If so I would have to say The ASA Movement could definitely be your thing;)

Both Paulina and I wish you much success!

~ Dave


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