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By | February 24, 2017

So many people suffer from money worry, lack of finances and debt. Debt and financial worry are sadly far too common in this world of abundance.

In fact, the fear of poverty is at the top of the fear list in the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Hill says the fear of poverty, without doubt, is the most destructive of the six basic fears.

Worry, especially money worry is a very popular subject according to Google. Money problems seem to be an epidemic.

Don’t worry, we will discuss the steps for success and the solutions to debt and money problems soon.

Help me get out of debt

In Think & Grow Rich we learn that what we think about grows. We also learn that what we think about and what we say to ourselves ‘especially in an emotional state of mind’ attracts more of the same. This is so important to understand.

When most people pray for example, they are desperate and emotionally frustrated. They plead to “help me get out of debt” or “help me pay my bills” and wonder why their prayers go unanswered. This creates more worry and panic!

Maybe their prayers are answered… What we focus on attracts more of the same! When we fill our minds with worry about bills and finances it seems we always get more money problems in our life. A compounding effect.

I know this to be true! Sadly, I have in the past been a master at worrying about money and finances for most of my life. Here’s my story.

Money Solutions

If you haven’t read Think and Grow Rich I would strongly suggest you do so. This is the ‘solution to our Mindset’ which is the absolute main thing that keeps us either in our constant creation of poverty and money problems, or turns us completely around towards riches and peace.

I have a page devoted to this that touches on some key points here> Think Grow Rich.

We learn that changing our poverty mindset from money worry to a success and money consciousness is not just about positive thinking but actually devising a plan of action.

Positive thinking is great of course, but a real plan is what is needed for change and autosuggestion is key to this.

Autosuggestion is what is needed ‘with emotion!!!!’ to program our subconscious mind into changing our situations and lives according to what we want.

a burning desire for change

It starts with thought, a deep burning desire, which develops our major purpose in life. This is key! Then our subconscious begins to lay out the plan to success.

Magically you start to go from money worry and help me pay my bills to a money consciousness and gratitude for the ability to pay your bills. This of course creates the compounding effect and attracts more success and gratitude.

the Plan to Money Solutions and Success

As you go through your study of the think and grow rich principles you will see that without a plan, things won’t change.

For me, and maybe for you too, making money online without a normal job is Freedom!

For freedom and real success I have joined The ASA Movement which is now spreading across America. Type in #asamovement into your search engine and see why there is so much talk and interest.

I found one bad review on the ASA Movement from a nobody that has ZERO facts and even claims he knows nothing about ASA, but I guess chose to do the negative review anyway to help him with his Google rankings… poor guy!

I can promise you this- the ASA Movement will change millions of lives!


The ASA Movement is the debt and money solution- the Plan and vehicle I am using to keep out of debt and away from money worry.

Fill your mind with legit solutions and constant positive programming and gratitude to combat the negative and poverty mindset.

Remember your major purpose and feed your burning desire constantly. Work your plan to success.

I am a Vasayo Distributor and would love to be your sponsor and help you succeed. It’s not always easy I will be honest, but if you work your business and stay persistent you will succeed.

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Learn Napoleon Hill’s steps for success and put an end to money worry forever.

Let me know if you have any questions. I am always here to help! :)



~ Dave

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