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By | February 25, 2017

Not your typical network marketing success tips. Learn how to really succeed in network marketing unlike anything you have been taught.

Network Marketing Success Tips

Messaging people all day long from your phone or computer is NOT freedom. I for one, want to work less, not more.

So we will focus on building Teams that build Teams!

If freedom is what attracted you to network marketing pay attention to these success tips because they go against everything you were taught.

Most networkers are focused on trying to sell something rather than helping people change their lives!

What if you could actually market “Rejection Free“?

Selling with the chance of being rejected is the biggest fear in network marketing. This is what prevents most people from joining your business.

So let’s imagine talking to a potential prospect in a different way… let’s call her Jane.

You: “What do YOU want more of and less of in life Jane?”

Jane: “To be debt free and eliminate financial and money worry“, she says.

You: “That is more along the lines of what you don’t want Jane, so let’s imagine that all your debt and worry were eliminated…”

You: “So, if you were debt free, and could have anything you desire, what would you want more of Jane?”

Jane: “Money!” she says. “I would like to retire both myself and my husband so we could be together enjoying our lives rather than being apart all day and then stressed out when we get home from our miserable jobs.”

Jane: “I want to travel and see the world,” she continues.

You: “How much money would it take to live the life you want?” you ask. “Where would you travel?”

Jane: “If we could make $6,000 a month we would be happy. We would like to go to Rome, Italy.” she says.

You: “Ok, imagine being totally debt free, $6k deposited in your bank account every month, and $6k in your wallet right now, and you are stepping off the plane in Rome with your husband”…

You: “It is sunny and warm and a nice breeze is blowing. You hear people speaking Italian all around you”

You: Try to really get Jane to imagine and feel this. Feel the sun and breeze. Imagination is key here!

You: “How would you feel Jane?”

Jane: “uhh I would feel awesome!!!!” she says.

You: “Well Jane if I can show you how to get this life, and make all this happen for you, working just a few hours a day would you join me and my business?”

Jane: “If you could honestly make this happen, of course I will join you!” she says.

This is called rejection free marketing and just one example of the many network tips on this page.

Notice how Jane is ready to join “before” you even tell her about your company, products, or comp plan!

You already got your YES! It’s now your turn to deliver. Only after you get your YES do you move on to your business presentation.

Notice also that Jane is joining you primarily because you are providing a solution, a different outcome to her current situation in life, and not because of your company, product or comp plan.

Your company, products and comp plan are just the tools, the vehicle to get her there.

This is totally backwards from how we were taught to market, I know. But remember!… in the “normal” way of network marketing over 95% FAIL to make any money at all. This is sad!!!

So now, you setup a meeting to show Jane your biz (company, products and comp plan) and you keep your promise in showing her how to get what she wants in life. More tips on this later which is valuable for success.

Of course the success tip scenario above is for bringing distributors into your business. For customers just wanting to buy your products, it’s not necessary.

Why Network Marketing?

Freedom. Fun. Family. Friends. These four “F’s” are what inspired me to succeed in network marketing!

Having the freedom to have fun with my family and friends is, to me, the good life. The freedom to work, when and from where I want is very satisfying.

Helping my friends and family succeed along with me is my Dream!!

I’m sure you can relate to this, since you are here most likely because you have an interest in how to succeed in network marketing.

Whether you like Donald Trump or not, one thing everyone should agree on, is he knows how to make money…

When Trump was asked what he would do if he lost all his money and had to start over he said he would join a network marketing company and work his way up.

Why? Because in the right network marketing company there is no limit to the amount of money you can make. You can bet Trump knows a little about network marketing success ;)

If you can build a successful network of go-getters, you can have a lot of success in network marketing and make an incredible income.

Best Network Marketing Company

Many people seem to think you must find the best network marketing company. Only then will you be able to succeed.

The truth is, there is no best network marketing company.

Many are good, but then there are many bad companies too.

Once you find one that is reputable, you will still need a strategy and a plan to succeed.


Why most people DON’T have network marketing success

Is it easy to make money with Network Marketing Companies?

Absolutely not!

A big reason is most people get frustrated from a lack of results and end up quitting.

Members get burnt out from countless and wasted hours of messaging or calling people with little or no reward for their efforts. Nobody likes to work for free right?

On the other side, so many prospects are turned off from feeling pressured into buying or joining something that they aren’t really sure of.

Network marketing success is a learned art but most are just doing it all wrong because they are taught that way!!!

It must be done differently if we want that freedom that attracted us to network marketing in the first place.

Although not a network marketing company, I am involved with a company that is helping people earn bitcoin (BTC), and other profitable cryptocurrencies which you can read about on my digital money page.

Most sponsors are trained a certain way and in return train you to do, what every other network marketing company does wrong.

They tell you…

  • Its a number game!  So contact a mass amount of people… at least a few should bite.
  • Build relationships! After building a relationship prospects are more likely to buy from you.
  • Tell them how great your company, products, and comp plan are!

Stop doing this! It’s complete BS!!!

It doesn’t work and this should be obvious to us since over 95% of people fail to make money in network marketing or ever have any success whatsoever!

Let’s look at each of those bullet points…

Remember we are here (well most of us are) to gain freedom in life. Spending your entire days messaging and contacting mass amounts of people is NOT freedom!

It’s not healthy being on our phones or computer all day long either. It’s bad for our eyes and bad for our brains.

You might be there physically with your family but you definitely are not present emotionally or mentally. We seem to live in our phones!

Network marketing companies tell us to build relationships. For example contact and friend 20 people a day on Facebook.

Think about this for a minute.

20 people a day for say 5 days is 100 people per week.

That’s 400- 500 so called “relationships” per month… Over 1000 people in under 3 months!

Could you possibly build real relationships with that many people? Even with 100?

If anything, this is being FAKE!!!

How many times has someone sent you a friend request and then started out the conversation with,

“Hi Mary, thank you so much for accepting my friend request. I love connecting with like-minded people. By the way, I adore your hair. What shampoo do you use? Would love to know your secrets. Have a super duper fantastic day!”

We can all read into that garbage… in reality we are waiting for and expecting the day when they present us with their business solicitation or affiliate link.

FAKE People are what turn me and so many others off to network marketing.

This relationship building might work to a degree if its genuine, but usually it is phony and just a waste of time.

Think about some of these Sponsors that tell you its all about ‘building relationships’. They are your so called friend until you tell them NO.  Then they move on to the next person and forget all about you.

Was that really a relationship?

Most of these same type of Sponsors will show their true colors once you sign up with them too. They are super nice and very helpful until you join and put your credit card back in your wallet.

Then good luck to you trying to learn how to succeed

Show People How to Make Money” and you will have plenty of relationships!… and genuine ones too!

We don’t need to play the “Numbers Game”…

IF you, build a team who builds teams without you, you don’t need thousands of people in your downline!

Remember this! “Build a team, who builds teams without you!” THIS is Key to SUCCESS!!!

You train your team (and it doesn’t have to be big) to build a team who builds teams, who build teams, etc, and your work is done fairly quickly.

Help your Team succeed and make money by “showing them how” and you will benefit tremendously from it.

Would you really feel good having a team under you who are all struggling to succeed?

Does a struggling team sound familiar to you? This is because we were NOT shown properly how to succeed in network marketing.

… And then the last one on the bullet point list is selling the company, products and comp plan.

Sure it’s important to have the right company that isn’t going to close down tomorrow and actually pays their members on time.

Of course you have to have genuine, good products that work and that people want to buy.

And of course you need to have an awesome comp plan so people are enthusiastic and fired up to join and work the biz…

But, this shouldn’t be the focus!


Because we are doing this for so much more than all of that.

We are doing this to CHANGE LIVES!

To provide different outcomes to people’s struggles in life.

We are doing this to bring families home to their kids.

To gain the freedom in life to not work ourselves to death.

To get out of a job that is destroying us, that barely allows us to keep our heads above the water.

To give us the extra money to pay for our kids education and allow us to live where we want to live.

To give us the money to travel and see the world.

Complete Freedom to live our dreams!

THIS should be our focus!!!

Then it becomes so much more than just helping people start a business and sell health products, or whatever it is that you’re selling.

We are providing Freedom! We are life changers!

The following 9 min video changes EVERYTHING!!!

How to Succeed in Network Marketing

To have network marketing success you will need to find the right company or program that is right for YOU… one that you click with.

What are your interests? Your passions?

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More Strategy to achieve Network Marketing Success

Another key strategy to succeed in network marketing is to NOT sell. Most people hate salesmen!

We are being sold to daily through radio and TV, billboards, ads on our phones, Facebook etc. Everywhere we look we see advertisements.

Instead of selling them, help them make money!!!

I took a Think and Grow Rich training course with my beautiful wife Paulina.

In this training we learned from one of the top sponsors in the network marketing industry, Mark Januszewski. Hints of Mark’s teachings are all over this blog post.

Mark’s philosophy comes from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. He does not start off with the products, comp plan or company when trying to recruit prospects, as we talked about above, but instead Mark leads them on what he calls, The Hero’s Journey.

“What do you want more of in life? What do you want less of?” He then makes YOU the Hero in getting what you want while he becomes the Herald that shows you how to get it.

He is not selling the company or products… he is showing you how to get whatever you want in life, by using his company as the vehicle and him as the guide, to get you there!

So you see, this approach can be used with any network marketing company, as long as they are legit and have a compensation plan that can truly work for you.

So what do you really want in life? To make more money most likely. The ability to retire comfortably or travel and live the good life? More time with family and friends? To have the money to send the kids to college?

Network Marketing success can provide the finances and the freedom to do these things if it is done right.

What do you want less of in life? Daily driving in traffic? Worrying about debt, finances and bills? The typical money worry!

Again, success in network marketing can help with this! But you must apply the steps for success.

Using these Skills

So rather than try to sell your comp plan, products or company, show people how you can help them get what they want in life. Your network marketing company then becomes the vehicle to get this.

Ask them those “more of- less of” questions- what they truly desire in life… Then ask them this: “If I can show you how to get those things will you join me and let me help you get them?”

They then want to join your company becoming the hero in doing these things for their family while you become the herald in helping them succeed in network marketing.

You are not selling anything. They want to join you!

Try this network marketing success tip and you won’t seem like the typical salesman pushing people away. Instead you are showing your passion to help people succeed in life which is an awesome feeling!

This was just a simplified rundown of the Hero’s Journey. This is how to succeed in network marketing!

The 4 Steps for Success

Lastly, I want to leave you with Napoleon Hill’s 4 Steps for Success.

These 4 steps are essential for success, as taken from Think and Grow Rich.

  1. Definite Purpose backed by a Burning Desire for its fulfillment.
  2. Definite Plan expressed in continuous action.
  3. A Mind closed tightly against all negative and discouraging influences (many times this is from friends and family).
  4. A friendly Alliance (Master Mind Alliance) with one or more people who will encourage you to follow through with both your Plan and Purpose.

This comes from the chapter on Persistence.

Persistence at working and perfecting your plan is an on going process. If a plan is not working it must be changed and perfected until it does work. This is important.

Learn and practice these tips and steps to success and you will know how to succeed in network marketing.

I wish you much network marketing success!

Again, if you feel online marketing just isn’t your thing, check out the ASA Movement! This is sweeping across America and changing lives everywhere!

And get some Digital Money like BTC and watch it grow HUGE!!!

~ Dave


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