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Before joining any of the many BitCoin ‘BTC’ programs, know where YOUR $$$ will be stored! If its in the company’s account RUN! They can shut down at any time and run away with your bitcoins.

If you can bring just 3 people into this biz and they each bring 3 etc, you can earn an extreme amount of $$$ very fast!!!

Sure you will receive spillover since this is spreading like wild fire but please don’t count on that. Help us by at least bringing in 3. Bring in more and help your downline earn!


Ride the ‘LiteCoin’ Coming Soon!

Crowdfunding at its finest! Any project you need funding for, you can get it at BitFundza! Grab 3 friends and lets get funded!

If your ‘new’ crypto program didn’t have that MLM attached to it would you still have a genuine cryptocurrency? Not likely!

I have been pitched so many times recently with the promise that the latest crypto coin will make me rich! Good luck with that!

We have a real genius way to help you earn Bitcoin along with a few other ‘genuine’ cryptocurrencies that WILL increase like BTC and are actually traded on the public blockchain.

We use a member to member platform where your money is ONLY stored in your own personal BTC account that you control on the blockchain. This is key to not getting scammed!!!

You can grow your BitCoin super fast all from about a $20 donation of BTC! You will earn not only bitcoin but a few other profitable cryptocurrencies too.

Get funding for any project using bitcoin ‘BTC’. This is SUPER EASY!!! Bitcoin is incognito and digital money is not taxable. We are the fastest growing BTC Crowdfunding Site.

Please read this entire page before asking questions then get back to me.

Digital Money is the talk of the town especially with Bitcoin climbing above $5k recently. Experts expect BTC to rise to $50k, $100k and up so BTC is still cheap!

In this one of a kind program you will first earn #bitcoin, then #litecoin, #ethereum, #ripple coin, a brand new cryptocurrency coming soon. These all increase in value just like bitcoin. Learn why from our professional trader and Corporate Crypto Adviser!

Bitcoin is NOT the only profitable digital currency!

Whatever your crowdfunding project may be, you can get funded fast with this- NO BS!!!

BTC Crowdfunding and BitFundZa Review

Lets review this new and very legit money maker, Bitfundza where it’s so easy to earn bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies getting the funding for anything you desire.

Unlike the many Bitcoin scams, BitFundza has no admin fees and no $$$ are ever tied up in a company account, so nobody can run away with your money. This assures there is no possibility to get scammed!

Your money is always safe in YOUR own bitcoin wallet.

Most BTC programs like USI Tech which locks your $$$ in their company account, will start out honoring withdrawals. This gives “validation” that they are legit and quickly brings the masses in…

But!, once people start withdrawing rather than keep compounding their packs like they are told, I believe you will soon see them slow down in processing withdrawals and then completely stop altogether before running away with your money.

If you are in USI my advice is to withdraw as much as you can NOW, before you can’t!!

BitFundZa has NO company account to lock away your money and charges NOTHING!  BitFundZa has NO way to scam you!!!

BitFundZa owners are experts in cryptocurrency and put this together because of all the scams!

We are also a CryptoCurrency Education Platform where you will learn from the best!


0.0035 BTC, which is about $20 USD worth of BTC, gets you in. Invite just one person gets your money back!

Digital Money is on fire and bitfundza can set up your future through their Crowdfunding platform like nothing else.

Member to Member funding gets your project funded fast and worry free!

More Info on BitFundZa here!

Since BTC is quickly increasing in value JOIN ASAP as the .0035 BTC will cost much more $$$ later.

See the Latest Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency Prices at

Getting Started with BitFundZa

To earn with BitFundZa you will need to get a block chain account to send and receive your bitcoin donations. This takes just a few minutes to setup but still won’t put bitcoin into your online wallet.

This involves a blockchain connection to your bank and then a few days to deposit $$$ into your BTC blockchain account. This is a turn off to some people but it is necessary.

Coinbase online wallet (see below) is working on instant deposits from your bank to your BTC account though.

Once you have your bitcoin wallet setup you upgrade in Bitfundza to level 1.  When upgrading, your Bitfundza back office will show who to send your .0035 BTC donation to .

This .0035 BTC (about $20 current price) is your only out of pocket cost! All additional upgrades will be made using a portion of your profits.

This .0035 BTC donation now allows you to receive 3 donations from others and prepares you for level 2. See Below for a complete break down of this.

But first get your blockchain wallet below.

How to Buy and Receive Bitcoin

To join Bitfundza and buy and receive bitcoin you will need a BTC wallet. This blockchain wallet works best>

This BitCoin Wallet is where you will buy your bitcoin, where your bitcoins are safely stored, and where you will get paid in BitFundZa.

Remember, #bitfundza does not hold your $$$ in a company account! Only you have access to your money at all times through the bitcoin blockchain and as the value of BTC increases your money increases along with it.

Another BTC wallet option is CoinBase. I use both wallets and transfer back and forth between the two. Coinbase I have connected to my bank and Blockchain I use for all the BTC action ;)

Use the link below and we will both get an extra $10 put into our accounts if you load $100 or more! We like FREE Money!

Set up your BTC wallet and you are ready to go.

Join BitFundZa Here if you havent already!

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How BitFundZa Works

You only need 3 direct people to make this program work! In the rest of the levels shown below, these people come from everyone under you bringing in 3.

You don’t need to recruit hundreds of people to profit like in most programs! There is Massive Spillover that will be placed under you!

There are many people who do recruit hundreds though and these people become spillover under whoever needs them since you can only have 3 directs in your line.

*As people keep signing up through my website they will become YOUR downline from my spillover!

Level 1

  • You donate to your Sponser 0.0035 BTC. (this is all shown in your Bitfundza back office)
  • You can now receive 0.0035 BTC, from each of the 3 direct members on your Level 1 downline.

Level 2

  • You donate (portion from your profits) to your Upline (shown to you in your back office) 0.0075 BTC -2 levels above you.
  • You can now receive 9 donations of 0.0075 BTC from your Level 2 Downlines, below you.

Level 3

  • You then donate from profits to your Upline 0.05 BTC
  • You can now receive 27 donations of 0.05 BTC from your Level 3 Downlines, below you.

Level 4

  • You donate to your Upline 1 BTC
  • You can now receive 81 donations of 1 BTC from your Level 4 Downlines, below you.

Level 5

  • You donate to your Upline 4 BTC
  • You can now receive 243 donations of 4 BTC from your Level 5 Downlines, below you.

BitFundZa offers an incredible income potential as you can see.

*All levels are built on 30 day cycles. You can earn as much as possible in a month for your crowdfunding project or to make this a residual income you must renew each level you have completed to move forward.

In BitFundZa you will learn lots about many cryptocurrencies from an expert too, who for a living advises large corporations! He generously shares his knowledge with Bitfundza Members through many webinars and trainings.

4 more cryptocurrency programs are being added soon, like LiteCoin, Ethereum, Ripple… We will earn from each of these profitable currencies that are still at a very low price.

Imagine getting in on these with some valued at less than a hundred dollars and some just pennies. This is like the early bitcoin days that we all missed!

Btifundza launched the last week of Sept 2017 so get in now and start earning BTC quickly!

No recruiting necessary but do tell your friends so everyone can prosper in this. Crypto currency is Our Future and we can make a lot of money with this right now!!!

I want ALL my friends to earn $$$ and stop getting screwed by the system!!

BitCoin and these others are on the rise so profit now!

You can earn in each of these cryptocurrencies and get educated by one of the best digital currency masters!

Take a look at the website which answers all your questions and join us on the Webinars.

JOIN BitFundZa!

Earn bitcoin, litecoin, ripple coin, ethereum, and…

How to Make Money with BitFundza

BitFundZa is a crowdfunding program which uses a 3×5 matrix. Invite just 3 people fills up your level one. Every person you invite after your 3 acts as spillover which in Bitfundza there is LOTS!

By joining BitFundZa under me you WILL get spillover (referrals)  from both the company and me! You can only put 3 personals under you so everyone else is spillover for your downline. 

People who join through my website obviously need somewhere to be placed… How about them being placed under you? We all help each other in this crowdfunding program! Genius design!!! 

The only money out of pocket is the .0035 BTC which is strictly a donation to help your sponsor with his/her crowdfunding project (whatever that may be).

These donations are made member to member. Upgrading to the next levels are all done by profit. This is a very simple program and the website explains everything.

What is BitFundZa? The Quick Review

  • BitFundZa is a crowdfunding member to member donation platform using your own blockchain wallet. There are NO Admin Fees and NO Company Account to Fund!!!
  • Cost is just 0.0035 BTC which today is about $20 USD.  BitFundZa is Worldwide and Safe using the BTC Blockchain technology! Hurry- BitCoin is quickly rising!!!
  • No recruiting necessary but do invite your friends. Help them all earn money! Keep sharing your link and your entire downline will benefit since you can only have 3 directs!
  • ALL $$$ are safe! Your money is kept in YOUR personal BTC Wallet so nobody can touch it except you.
  • Owners are masters in cryptocurrency and share their knowledge with us. They are advisers to BIG corporations too so they really do know their stuff. 

Is BitFundZa a Scam?

LOL! You need access to someones money to scam them. Only YOU have access to your money which you keep in your personal Blockchain Account!

BitFundZa doesn’t even charge you a fee!!!

This was created because of the many BTC scams!

BitCoin History:

Back in 2011 one BitCoin cost $1 USD.

If you bought 1000 bitcoins ($1000 USD) you could cash out today for over $4.1 million!

Imagine knowing about BitCoin back in 2009 when a coin cost less than a penny!

There’s still a fortune to be made even at today’s value of $4100 and rising…

(Update!!! BTC just went over $5k!!!)

Our Owners are Masters in cryptocurrencies. Join our webinars and trainings for the latest cryptocurrency insights.

BTC is accepted all over the world. You can even buy a Tesla or Lamborghini with your Bitcoin!


BitFundZa uses BitCoin (BTC) with more CryptoCurrencies added Soon!

Join for just .0035 BTC? Thats about $20 USD!!!
Earn BTC, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and more! INFO below.

Join Saturday Training Webinars Here!

BitFundZa owners are fed up with the many BTC scams and built this program with their own money without asking us for a dime.

This is the real deal! A genuine BTC money making biz here for the long haul.

Listen to Max, one of the owner’s of BitFundZa below in this highly informative training. Max is a Professional Trader and Cryptocurrency Expert who advises large corporations in the USA, China, India, Bahamas and more. This guy knows his stuff! 

Let me know if you have any questions. Join below and message me so I can add you to our Secret FB Group.

Get on our webinars where you will be blown away with the generous cryptocurrency knowledge freely given to you.

If you need help promoting read this blog network marketing success!


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