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I use to cover online marketing reviews on everything from affiliate programs, product reviews, team builds, rev shares and passive income programs to show you how to make money online.

I have promoted lots of online programs. Then when almost every one of them turned out to be just another ponzi scheme or typical online scam I would update my reviews accordingly and move on to promote the next program I jumped into…

Well I finally learned my lesson! I spent a few years jumping from failed program to program promoting the next big thing which always ended up being complete garbage.

Was it a complete Fail?

…. not at all. I learned a heck of a lot over the years and ended up meeting Paulina, my soul mate (now wife) in a Facebook Marketing Group :)

Together Paulina and I became TeamJoJo and are finally on our way to much success in the online world. 

How I met Paulina

Back in July 2014, I was building my presence in the Facebook online marketing world so I was friending other marketers especially the pretty faces :), and Paulina was just one of the many people I friended (and the prettiest!!!)…

In October of the same year I noticed Paulina updated her profile pic. I knew she spoke Polish by a comment on one of her previous posts so I quickly looked up “Beautiful” in Polish through Google Translator and wrote “Piekna” on her updated profile pic post.

She then replied “you speak Polish Dave Jones?” I replied “only through Google Translator”. “Very clever Dave Jones” was her response. The rest is history;)

It ended up we were in quite a few of the same marketing failures. 

In December she asked a question on one of our FB Group pages and I answered it as I had just learned the answer… we then started chatting through Messenger and quickly ended up becoming Best Friends.

Turned out we shared the same Birthday too!!!

We talked on the phone daily and chatted through FB for 6 months before we ever met Face to Face…
She lived in Canada and me in California so we couldn’t meet up very easily.

Although she wouldn’t admit it at the time, we fell in love before we ever saw each other in the flesh. Paulina decided to come out and visit me in California and I laid on the charm ;)

We have so much in common! We each have a daughter, we are both health nuts, we are playful and just really enjoy doing Everything together!!!

We were definitely destined to be together! We continued to travel back and forth in our long distance relationship until I proposed to her in Oct 2016.

Of course she said YES! :)

UPDATE!: we married on Valentines Day 2017 :)

My Early Years as a Single Dad

I married very young at age 20 because of an unexpected pregnancy. Neither of us was in love with the other but we tried to make it work anyway, for our child.

The marriage ended rather ugly in just a few years and my X ended up getting into some trouble which gave me full custody of my daughter.

I ended up raising my daughter as a single dad from age 3 until adulthood. It was tough but wonderful at the same time. She is my inspiration and we always remain very close! :)

All of our life we worried about money though as so many do, struggling to pay bills…

and then I Made THE Money!

My daughter and I struggled for years living paycheck to paycheck, many times borrowing from my mother to pay bills. It was a very rocky road!

Then in 2000, I met up with an old friend who needed someone to help run his business as it was just about to take off big…. and boy did it!!!

He made me an offer which paid me according to the number of sales in our business which quickly skyrocketed.

In just 6 months I made more money than the 6 YEARS at my previous job!!

I was living the good life! Nice dinners every day for me and my daughter and shopping for things we wanted rather than just bare minimum needs.

I then took $14k cash to the Chevy dealer and put it down on a brand new 2001 4×4 Suburban, all leather, fully loaded.

Next I spent over $10k to trick it out with a lift kit and suspension system, exhaust system, computer programmer, big tires and fancy rims. Hey I was young! What can I say? I thought this money would last forever…

The Day I Lost it All

6 months of living the good life that I thought would never end, and then….

without warning and just a month after putting almost $24k into my new Suburban… our business was shut down for some legal issues that we had no idea existed.

It was devastating! I was crushed!

The next few years I lived off my savings. Over $35k went to taxes since I was then in that high bracket of earnings. I continued making payments on my vehicle for the next year and then had to sell it so I could pay my bills.

There was no way I was going to get “a real job” as no job would come close to paying me anywhere near what I was now used to making.

I searched and struggled for years trying to make a business plan work…

I gave up and became depressed

I gave up! I went into depression! I then convinced myself I didn’t need money and lived the Minimalist Lifestyle.

I even joined an intentional community which was to go live off the land and grow our own food. This particular community never actually happened as planned but I did go work on a few communities living in tents for a while which I have to say was quite fun at the time.

Met some cool people who are very happy doing what they do, but…. for me, deep inside I just needed more…

There are things I want to do and places I want to see that, lets face it… costs money!

My Purpose in Life

My Goal in Life is to be Healthy, Wealthy and Happy and to do what I want and of course have the money to do it! Complete Freedom!!!

My Goal is to make money helping others get healthy, wealthy, happy and enjoy their life!

To help people become happy, healthy and wealthy… THIS is my major purpose in life! This makes me happy!

So Paulina started this ItWorks biz, an online health business and had me try some of the products. I became a Loyal Customer as I really liked the Greens, ItsVital Minerals and the New You. My personal favorites!!

The products were pricey but that is how network marketing works. They have to be expensive so the affiliates can make money… We all know the company won’t put up with a profit loss ;)

Paulina was slowly moving up the ranks (only to drop down again) with ItWorks and said I should consider becoming an Independent Distributor.

I liked the products but did I want to sell them?

Basically you try the Products as an ItWorks Product Tester and then share the results, getting others to do the same! It sounded all so easy.

So Paulina convinced me into joining It Works and of course became my It Works Sponsor.

Most of us know people who take vitamins, minerals and some supplements. Why not get them to buy from us instead and then have them do the same thing to people they know? We can ALL win in this!

Nobody makes money from people signing up in this company, but only earn when they make money. So of course you get a LOT of help from your upline because, lets be honest… we all want to make money!

So we thought anyways…

The problem was Paulina never really got much help from her upline. Certain sponsors can be way too busy building what I will call “fake” relationships, getting more and more people to join but unable (and unwilling) to help them.

The advice Paulina and I both got was, “message 20 or more people a day on Facebook and build relationships.” “Post about the products and biz all day and work, work, work!!!”

“You can earn an extra $500 a month or even $5000, $50,000 or more and we can all do this!”

“Tell them your story!”

The problem is we had no story because we had no success yet!! And MOST It Work Distributors share in this same dilemma!!! The majority make nothing and only supply the $$$ volume needed for those on top to keep earning their bonuses.

Sure there are a few people in this company that make $50k per month but that is very very rare and over 95% fail to make money just like in other network marketing companies.

I believe most who make this type of money are spending most of it to keep their ranking by placing product volume under certain workers in their downline tree.

What brought me to Network Marketing is there are no limits to how much $$$ you can make.

I finally gave up on ItWorks because the majority of products are just not for me (I have to truly believe in what I am selling) and I really don’t want to put in so many hours getting little to no results.

ItWorks products are WAY overpriced and of mediocre quality.

And sorry but we shouldn’t need to message people 20 hours a day, pushing away both family and friends.

I got into marketing for Freedom to not need to work so much..

ItWorks Sponsors fail in teaching their recruits how to succeed in network marketing!

This is why there is so much negative Itworks talk on the internet. Paulina also left ItWorks and so did almost all of her team.

No more program/company hopping! The ASA Movement is different and is changing many lives!!!

Things are about to change for YOU! The ASA Movement is that Change!

What do YOU want more of and less of in life? Where do you want to be in 3 years?… 5 years?…
how about 10 years?

What are the dreams you’ve given up on because you lacked the funds to act on them?

How much do you want to earn to accomplish your dreams?

Paulina and I went through a Think and Grow Rich Training Course that is still literally changing our lives. If you haven’t already you must read Think and Grow Rich! If you have read it, Read it Again!!!

You NEED the Steps for Success as taught in Think & Grow Rich.

There are two types of people…. those that are happy doing what they want, and those that aren’t.

Some people have found that they can work part time earning a very lucrative full time passive income for life….

Some people keeping an open mind are curious and seriously want to learn more. But then there are others, you know the type, who would rather continue doing what they are doing to feel “safe” or jumping from program to program, complaining that they are still broke and unhappy, while wishing their lives were different…

If marketing IS your passion, please read my blog Network Marketing Success to really learn HOW to succeed in online marketing.

“Remember, no more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty.” ~ Napoleon Hill ~ Think and Grow Rich

Our passion is to help you live your dream

The ASA Movement

#asa is spreading across America… the ASA Movement is a Life Changing Movement that is sure to change many, many lives!!! You must see this!

ASA is not a marketing program, mlm or anything like that. This is a real movement with major projects that are changing peoples lives and raising extreme amounts of money all across America.

In the same manner that politicians and their political parties raise money for themselves, the ASA Movement raises money, but for The People!!!

More info on the ASA Movement here.

Peace and Prosperity!

Dave and Paulina


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