Steps for Success

How to succeed using the 4 steps for success from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich and the missing ingredients plus more success steps and tips which can be used for succeeding in anything life has to offer.

Hill’s 4 Steps for Success

  1. Definite Purpose backed by a Burning Desire for its fulfillment.
  2. Definite Plan expressed in continuous action.
  3. Mind closed tightly against all negative and discouraging influences (many times this negative influence comes from friends and family).
  4. Friendly Alliance (Master Mind Alliance) with one or more people who will encourage you to follow through with both your Plan and your Purpose.

We will look into each of these 4 steps for success in more depth below plus the missing ingredients.

I encourage you to read Napoleon Hill’s chapter on Persistence in his famous Think and Grow Rich book for an even deeper look into these steps for success and how to succeed in whatever you desire.

Persistence is the direct result of habit

Persistence must be used in working and perfecting your definite plan with continuous action. This is an on going process. If a plan is not working it must be changed and perfected until it does work.

Those who have a habit of persistence seem to have an insurance against failure.

If you do not have persistence you will not succeed in any calling. With persistence comes success.

Knowing what one wants (definite purpose), is the first, and most important step toward developing persistence.

These success steps work for anything in life. Whether its financial, network marketing, online or offline… this is how to succeed at anything you choose.

Controlling your Mind and Thoughts

“You have absolute control over but one thing, and that is your thoughts…. If you fail to control your own mind, you may be sure you will control nothing else.”

“Mind Control is the result of self-discipline and habit. You either control your mind or it controls you.”…

“The most practical of all methods for controlling the mind is the habit of keeping busy with a definite purpose (step 1), backed by a definite plan (step 2).”

“Study the record of any man or woman who achieves noteworthy success, and you will observe that he has control over his own mind…”

“Without this control success is not possible.”

Of course #success here could be for anything in life, not strictly monetary…
Do you have a definite purpose in life? Next you will need a definite plan to accomplish your purpose?

Hill’s Success Steps

Step 1: Definite Purpose

What is your major purpose in life? This is the question that really needs to be answered!

Without a major purpose, life seems meaningless.

What would make you really come ALIVE? What do you need from life to truly feel successful?

When this is answered you will have your definite purpose. When you have a burning desire to accomplish your definite purpose you are ready for the next step to success.

Most people have no idea what their purpose in life is or what they truly want.

They pass through life like a boat in the sea with no rudder or sail, tossed around by the waves without any direction of their own.

Once your major purpose is discovered with a deep burning desire to accomplish it, the rudder and sail are formed giving you direction in life.


This is one thing that is missing from most of the self help, think grow rich books and teachings…

Your Major Purpose should first and foremost be, to feel really good now, and always feel better!

This is of absolute importance to your creating anything good in life!

When you “feel” really good you are operating at a higher vibration. A higher frequency! This is the frequency needed to transmit and receive what you truly desire.

The law of attraction acts on transmitted vibrations and gives back to you those exact same vibrations.

Doubt and feeling bad for example are low frequencies which return more of the same low frequencies.

You MUST create at those high frequencies if you want good things in life!

Step 2: Definite Plan

Its not all about thinking positive to attract what you want. You MUST create a plan of action to get it!


Like said above, when a plan is not working, it must be changed and perfected until it does work. Do not wait until you have a perfect plan to start though…

Kevin Trudeau who goes deeply into the Law of Attraction in his course, “Your Wish is Your Command” says that 99% of your thinking must be on what you want with only the other 1% on the actual how to or plan.

Kevin was trained by the Brotherhood which is one of the few Secret Societies that rule the World. He came out to expose the secrets that the Elite have been keeping from us for thousands of years.

I highly recommend Trudeau’s teachings!

Napoleon Hill says it is not important to have the perfect plan to start but that you need to just start working toward your purpose. You can always change your plan along the way, if it is not working.

This is also where the mastermind alliance comes in, to use more brain power, to develop your plan of action towards your purpose.

Patience is key. It will come. Sometimes it just takes some time. If you are persistently working towards your purpose with a burning desire, your plan will eventually be perfected and take you to success.

Step 3: Mind Closed to Negative Influences

To truly succeed, we must learn to protect our minds against all negative influence!

Watch out especially for friends and family. They can be our worst enemies sometimes because although they may mean well, they can really discourage us through negative comments or ridicule with their so called, looking out for us.

Friends and family many times cannot accept those of us who choose to work differently than the norm. They think we are crazy for not doing things the way everyone else does, and may try to set us straight.

We must learn to not be affected by them or by anyone else who discourages us from going after our dreams and purpose.

Those that succeed in life take chances. Those that don’t take chances never succeed. Those that close and protect their minds from negative influence are not shaken off their path to success.

Step 4: Friendly Alliance (aka Master Mind Alliance)

A master mind alliance of 2 or more people is necessary for success and a very important step. Successful people in business always have a group of experts at hand.

An individual cannot be an expert on everything so it is wise to take advice and get opinions from your master mind group.

Everyone in your mastermind group must work in harmony with each other and have the same success mindset.

In Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich book we learn about Henry Ford who was not very educated surrounding himself with experts who could answer all questions.

We learn of Andrew Carnegie who had a master mind alliance of 50 very intelligent people who helped him in everything. He became one of the richest and most successful men alive because of his mastermind.

These successful men had a burning desire to succeed and follow their major purpose. They had definite plans to accomplish their purpose and shut their minds against all negative influence.

These men also lacked what they needed for success on their own so they each shared advice, opinions and knowledge with their master mind group and built an empire because of it.

More Success Steps and Tips

In our journey to success we may find that we have our definite purpose and plan. We may have support from our master mind alliance and we may feel our minds are closed against negative influence…

But, something is still holding us back and our success strategy just doesn’t seem to be working.

This can be frustrating as it was for me.

This is the time for self examination and reflection.

In his book, Hill warns us of the 7 Major Negative Emotions and I would bet this could be where your blockage to success exists… It was for me.

7 Major Negative Emotions

  • Fear
  • Jealousy
  • Hatred
  • Revenge
  • Greed
  • Superstition
  • Anger

Positive and negative emotions cannot occupy the mind at the same time. One or the other must dominate. Remember, what we think about, grows.

The presence of a single negative in your conscious mind is sufficient to destroy all chances of constructive aid from your subconscious mind.

Having any of these negative emotions in our lives is enough to keep us from success.

Be Grateful for Failures

For me, a hatred and anger for my failures and circumstances were keeping me from going forward.

In Think & Grow Rich we learn that in every failure there is a seed for success. We must be grateful for our failures because there is a lesson to learn from each of them.

All the great inventors failed many times… the key is to never give up, learn from our failures in life, and move forward.

I was angry at failing and hated my circumstances when I should have been loving what I was going through and learning from each experience. Accepting them and moving on.

You deserve success! We all do!!!

LOVE is said to conquer all. LOVE is the key!

Only when we can genuinely LOVE both the good and the bad in everything, can we move forward in life to success!

This was my revelation. I then began to give thanks for all my failures and bad circumstances using them as the very steps to success.

Sure the end of the race is important… but so is each and every step along the way to get us there. Each step is essential to a successful life.

What is your Success Plan or Strategy?

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Wishing you much success, both online and offline, and in everything you do in life!

~ Dave


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